Let's Take This Journey Together

In my attempt to find information for our adoption process from Uganda, I became quickly aware that there just isn't much out there. I wanted to create a way for all of us taking this journey together to be able to walk along-side each other. A place we can find other people taking this journey with us. A place to encourage each other during the journey. A place to keep up with the family after the adoption is finalized, because, let's face it, the adoption is only the beginning of this journey!

If you are in the process of adopting from Uganda and are blogging about your journey, please e-mail joshntash@hotmail.com so I can add you to the hopefully growing list of people who are bringing these orphans home!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bottles Of "Change" To Help "Change" A Life

In my search for simple ways to raise money for our adoption I came across an excellent idea.  You all can help too and it won't cost you hardly anything.  It is also a GREAT way to get your kids involved too.  In fact, we're doing it with our kids and they get SO excited when they can help out!

Here's what you need:
  • A baby bottle - you can pick one up at the $1 store or get one out of your attic like we did, ha!  In all honesty, you could use any container you have to place the label on and save your change.
  • A printer - to print the "tag" at the top of this post that we created of our little girl to tape on your bottle/container
  • Collect change around your house.  For Example: under the couch and cushions, on the floor board of the car and outside in the parking lot.  Although, if you do this last one, make sure you lay down the ground rules first...ie it wouldn't be all that productive if you are grabbing change from under a moving vehicle, ya know?:)
So, I'm setting a goal just for fun!

Let's see how many bottles we can fill up with spare change by the end of March!  

Let me know if you are willing to commit to collecting your change for our little Shabila.  Get your kids involved and show them that every penny counts to help change the life of our little girl.

~Your donations can be sent through our ministry to be made TAX-DEDUCTIBLE~

Monday, February 21, 2011

Her Eyes

I just got another new picture of our precious little girl.  Man I wish I could share it with all of you!  She is just so beautiful.

And her eyes...

I can't stop looking at the picture.

Any day now we should have our home study approval.  I keep telling myself that anyway:)

At least the picture helped remind me that, in fact, we are in this adoption process and there is, in fact, a little girl over there waiting to come home.

To our home!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Love Chapter - For The One We're Waiting For

We are waiting patiently for you

We promise to be kind

We pray that you do not feel like you need to envy our other kids, but feel just as part of our family as they are.

We will boast only in the One who gave you to us.  Our heavenly father knew that you were born for our family!

We pray that the Lord will melt any pride that we feel as an adoptive family.  We just want to obey God's call on our lives to adopt.

We promise not to dishonor you, but to learn about the culture you came from and allow you to find who you need to be in Christ.

We pray that we will not be self-seeking, but instead, keep your best interest at heart.

We promise not to get easily angered.  But, knowing that we are human, we promise to seek forgiveness for the times we are wrong.

We will keep no record of wrongs, and I promise that if you have a children's yard chair in the backyard that I won't sit on it and break it:)

We do not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  You can rest assured in this one, little girl.

We promise to always protect you

always trust you, although we know times will come where it will be difficult

always hope and pray that you will find the personal relationship in Christ that he desires from you.

always perseveres as we pray for daily direction to be the parents/family that you need!

Friday, February 4, 2011

For The Record

You may have been wondering what's been going on with our process lately.

So I'll just debrief you really quickly.

Nothing is going on...well, from our end anyway.

We are just waiting for our Home Study approval.  Everything in adoption hinges on this completion.  So, we are just waiting.

Next week my goal is to fill out all of our USCIS paperwork and to send off for passports for our kids.

It is kind of nice not to have to worry about anything else from our end for a while since it's been so crazy emotionally at our house lately.

So we will be grateful for this time of waiting.