Let's Take This Journey Together

In my attempt to find information for our adoption process from Uganda, I became quickly aware that there just isn't much out there. I wanted to create a way for all of us taking this journey together to be able to walk along-side each other. A place we can find other people taking this journey with us. A place to encourage each other during the journey. A place to keep up with the family after the adoption is finalized, because, let's face it, the adoption is only the beginning of this journey!

If you are in the process of adopting from Uganda and are blogging about your journey, please e-mail joshntash@hotmail.com so I can add you to the hopefully growing list of people who are bringing these orphans home!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trusting Your Agency

About 2 weeks ago Josh and I accepted our referral.  We already knew in our hearts who we were working toward in our adoption process, but it is finally official.

When we first received the news that we were now officially on course for our specific little girl I was ecstatic!  Just knowing that we could now pursue her.

Then the questions started coming in.  "What does it mean that you have a referral?"  "Is she yours now?"

I wasn't really sure what it meant for us to have just signed a "Referral Acceptance" letter.  All I knew is that we were one step closer to bringing our little girl home.

Our agency is one that we totally trust.  We have given them full reign over our adoption process.  Hey, that is why we are paying them the big bucks!  I like to know the general idea of what is going on, but for me, if I try to keep up with all the little details that are going on behind the scenes I know that I will only become anxious if things are not happening the "traditional" way.  Besides, I feel like the more I step in, the harder it makes it on our agency.  That's just my opinion though.

Here is what I do know a referral is:
From the agencies end, it just means that we are far enough along in the process where they can present us with a child.  As for the overseas Attorney, it means that once he receives his fees he will begin the legal documentation of the child on his end.

That is all I know.  I am content with that.  I know enough to answer some basic questions and I don't mind saying "I don't know" to other ones.

Josh and I are thrilled to be able to officially be pursuing our little girl, but we also know that things can always happen.  We are choosing to keep our grip on her loose, knowing that the Lord has called us to adoption, not just called us to this particular little girl.  Although we would be very sad if we couldn't, for some reason, bring this little girl home, we know that the Lord knows what is best for our family and that He will bring our hearts to love any child He places with us.

If you don't trust your agency enough to hand over the reins of your process, then maybe you should think about finding a new agency.  I know an excellent one:)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update From The Orphanage

We got an update on our little girl from on team at the orphanage!

Man, how I treasures these little updates.  I can't wait to see this video...

"She is doing GREAT! She is such a spunky little booger. She laughs and smiles and makes faces for the camera all the time! We have enjoyed her so much this trip. Today I was doing assessments on the kids and she insisted on being held! So I strapped her to my back in true African fashion while I worked. She would boss all the kids around from her place on my back! It was hilarious! Then she fell asleep and it was just precious. I adore her...oh, and when I gave her your picture, Tasha, we said "Mama" and she looked at intently and said "Mama" ! We have her on video saying it. Can't wait to show you! Wish we could bring her to you now."


I can't tell you how many times I've read, and reread, this message.  It gives me the biggest smile on my face and in my heart:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Resurrection Songs: "Romans 10:9"

Here is the second installment of Resurrection Songs by my very own Josh Via, for your listening enjoyment.

Downloads are $.99 and they go directly to the $2300 we need to make.  We've got 6 days to raise this money!  Help us spread the word!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



I can hardly think straight enough to write this!

I feel as though I am in the doctor's office peering at the screan waiting to be told if we are going to have a little boy or a little girl.

Today we found out that we are having a little girl!

Well, we were already pursuing this little girl, but we were holding her very loosely.

We don't have to do that anymore.  She is OURS!

Now, I know that things can still happen in court and throughout the process, but I am choosing to believe that the Lord has chosen this little girl to be a part of our family!

We have officially accepted you into our family today, my sweet little girl!

We now have our referral!:)

***Now if you would kindly go and DOWNLOAD our Resurrection Songs and tell everyone else to DOWNLOAD it that would be awesome!  We need about 3300 downloads in 7 days, ha!  Don't forget a new one comes out tomorrow and it will NOT disappoint!***

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Resurrection Songs: "In The Highest Place"

So, this is the moment you all have been waiting for!  Well, at least we've been waiting for:)

Every week during the 7 weeks of Lent, we will release a new track. Each track is a Scripture memory song based on my 7-week devotional called "So Much Bigger Than The Bunny." Our prayer is that it will be a blessing to you and your children, as you hide God's Word in your heart together.

 Today is Ash Wednesday, which means, this is the first week of the devotional.  You still have time to get your copy.  (There is a section at the end if you just want to make it a one-week Easter devotional as well.)

Anyway, here is the first song "In The Highest Place"
Take a listen.  It's SO FUN!


Go to joshvia.bandcamp.com to download it for $.99.  Not only will you have fun hiding God's Word in your heart with your kids, but when you buy these songs, you are helping our family adopt a little girl from an orphanage in Uganda, Africa.

My kids hadn't heard these yet and they immediately jumped out their lunch chairs, grabbed their guitars and began dancing and singing along!  Even Cai keeps singing "lalalalala":)

Now go download it already!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I Need

In two days we will be a two-car family again...praise the Lord!

Maybe then I can get out of the house instead of sitting in front of my computer hitting the refresh button on my email waiting for some kind of response from our home study agent!

I simply cannot understand how someone just ignores calls and emails for weeks on end.  I am trying so hard to show love and patience, but I'm running out...

Lord, please give me patience.  Help me to share your love, even to those who make it difficult to love.

Pray with us this week!  Pray that the Lord will impress upon our social worker an urgency to get this done.  We are praying boldly, with our kids this week, for our home study to be in our hands by the end of the week.  We know the Lord is in control and that His timing is perfect, so we will rest in the decision He gives.  Would you pray with us?

***After writing this I went to check my email one more time and there it was!  Our Home Study Approval!!!:)  God is SO good!***