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In my attempt to find information for our adoption process from Uganda, I became quickly aware that there just isn't much out there. I wanted to create a way for all of us taking this journey together to be able to walk along-side each other. A place we can find other people taking this journey with us. A place to encourage each other during the journey. A place to keep up with the family after the adoption is finalized, because, let's face it, the adoption is only the beginning of this journey!

If you are in the process of adopting from Uganda and are blogging about your journey, please e-mail joshntash@hotmail.com so I can add you to the hopefully growing list of people who are bringing these orphans home!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Active Fundraising

We have done several things to raise money for our adoption.  A few of the things are just one-time events but we have a few that are on-going that you can participate in indefinitely.  I've been asked several times how people can get involved so, here it is:)

Download Josh's Resurrection Songs.  Each song goes along with a week in my family devotional book that I wrote.  Every penny we make from these downloads goes directly toward our adoption.

Speaking of pennies...
We have raised $231 so far with our "Change For Change" campaign.  People are just saving their change for us!  It's amazing how this change really adds up!

We have had 2 HUGE yard sales.  We thought we were done yardsaling, but who knows, maybe another one is on the horizon?:)

You can also DONATE through PayPal.  This is an easy way to donate.

It's not just about the money, though.  We have 2 specific prayer requests right now.  We had our biometrics appointment 1 month and 1 day ago.  We are eagerly awaiting our Immigration approval which will complete our Dossier, which is already in Uganda.  Pray that we get this essential paperwork SOON.  Also, the courts in Uganda close mid-July to mid-August.  That means that we probably won't make this cut-off before courts close...unless there were a miracle.  A lot has to happen for us to be able to finalize this process before the court break.  Would you pray with us?

So, there you go.  We are about half-way to our total estimated goal for the adoption.  We do not take your sacrifices lightly and are forever grateful for everything that our friends/family have helped with during this entire process.

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