Let's Take This Journey Together

In my attempt to find information for our adoption process from Uganda, I became quickly aware that there just isn't much out there. I wanted to create a way for all of us taking this journey together to be able to walk along-side each other. A place we can find other people taking this journey with us. A place to encourage each other during the journey. A place to keep up with the family after the adoption is finalized, because, let's face it, the adoption is only the beginning of this journey!

If you are in the process of adopting from Uganda and are blogging about your journey, please e-mail joshntash@hotmail.com so I can add you to the hopefully growing list of people who are bringing these orphans home!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Password Protected Blog

Well, we are quickly working on checking things off of our list before we head to Uganda in 20 days (but who's counting:)!

One of the things we've been aware of that we have to do is password protect our blog.

Since Blogger does not have that option we have created a Wordpress blog so you can follow our journey.  I won't be posting on there until our trip is underway and you will need the password to read the content once our trip has begun.

You can go ahead and get familiar with the new blog so you know where it is.  I'll also leave a link on here when we make the trek overseas so you don't loose contact with us!

Leave a comment below with your email address or find us on Facebook or Twitter to request the password.  You can share it with your friends and family.  We'd love to have you come along!


  1. Very excited for you guys! jtsheehy@bellsouth.net

  2. i would love the password please, can't wait to follow you on your journey to your sweet girl!!
    emilyknudsen at gmail dot com

  3. Please send me the password. I do want to follow your journey. I've been praying for you all this time and am excited to see what God is doing in your life.


  4. We are waiting to travel to meet our little one and would love to follow your trip. Please send me the password. Good luck!


  5. I'd love to watch your travels! newsomes4adoption [at] gmail dot com

  6. We'd love to follow along, Tasha! Thanks for your comments on my blog, and also for your prayers! I am looking forward to reading about your trip. My email is juliemav@gmail.com

  7. Would love to follow along! Sending prayers for your journey!


  8. I would love to follow along as well!! Praying for you!!


  9. I want to follow please! Kayliehodges@gmail.com

  10. Would love follow along!


  11. hi Just saw this! Right after I sent an email to the one listed above!
    been following your blog/blogs as we have just begun our adoption journey!
    Would love to hear about your journey in Uganda!
    My email is amandaborgelt@yahoo.com
    Praying for your time today!

  12. I would LOVE to follow your time in Uganda!
    I would also LOVE to be added to the Uganda blogroll. : )

  13. I would love to follow your journey to Uganda. iowak@aol.com